I purchased what i thought was a 1 month subscription to Arizona Republic from a very friendly salesman in my local Frys. I was skeptical as I usually get my news online, but he said try it, cancel if you don't like it.

He filled out a form for me, told me where to initial and we went our separate ways. First thing i noticed was that it was 5 bucks more charged to my card than he said. Okay, whatever, can't undo that. A few weeks later, I call to cancel after finding I was just throwing them away.

I was then informed by a smug rep that I could not cancel, that i had signed up for 3 months, and they would continue to bill my card. I told him this is not what i was told, the salesman said 1 month, not 3. He told me to look at the receipt, look at my signature, and accept that i was going to get the paper for 2 more months!

So I have cancelled my debit card for the unauthorized charges, and expect I will get bills and rude calls. I will never buy this paper again, I will never recommend it, and I will be complaining to the Frys management about allowing such deceitful practices in their store.

Review about: The Arizona Republic Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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what a bunch of bs been customer fo over 20 years 2 times a week dwlivery that went up to 17.65 now get a notice its going to18.65 i do auto bill pay thru bank and the charging me 26. 45 three hrs trying to get thru to customer service and still no reply wtf im senior fixed income they can take there paper and wipe there rotten *** with it ill buy at newsstand if i want paper new customers get for 12 wen sun its ***


In Walgreens,an AZ republic sales person sold me the monthly "promotional subscription" for less than $5

I signed in order to pay with a credit card and The sales person told me that I could cancel "Anytime" .BIG LYE!

Today I called to cancel my service and they refused since they say I have a contract for 6 months !!.

I'm so disappointing with the AZ republic newspaper , their sales people lye the customers .They want just your signature at any cost so then you will be locked with the highest price for a newspaper. PLEASE BE AWARE DON'T SIGN UP!

Now I m locked with a monthly subscription of $22 + for 3 days a week.

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